Picture taking is better when it is fun. The less frustration you experience,
the more fun you will have. I’m all about having fun and helping others do
the same while learning more ways to creatively use their camera and
cell phone to make better images.


The image looked OK on my monitor, why did the print look different?
When you attend the class in the digital learning center on color management, you will learn how shooting a digital camera is different from shooting film and the steps you can take to make your results more predictable.The Dallas, Texas area photo labs hear this all the time. Learn why your images are sometimes printed differently.

My new digital camera takes great pictures but when I e-mail the photos to friends, why does it fill up their mailbox?
You will learn your digital camera controls and how to process your image for the appropriate output in a “hands on” workshop,

Should I set my digital camera to shoot in the JPG or RAW mode?
Choose the best file format for your shooting environment. Learn different techniques, white balance and resolution requirements. What software do you have available to process your images. Also, The auto settings on your camera or the available space on your memory card could limit which modes are available to you.

I have many old family photos that have cracks, discoloration and are faded…can these be saved?
Have fun traveling back through time as you relive events in your family history while repairing old photographs when you take the digital imaging workshop on Photo Restoration

How can I improve the people’s appearance in my portrait and wedding photography so that my clients will buy more pictures?
Learn some fast and easy ways to remove bags under the eyes, fix fly-away hair, swap heads, remove glare from glasses, change backgrounds and make creative frames for presentation.... all in Adobe Photoshop.

Where and how do I keep track of all these photos?
Learn quick and easy skills in batch processing that clearly label your images with copywrite and contact information. Implementing best practices in DAM (Digital Asset Management, ) will make your journey and your backtracking more accessible. Setting up a streamlined workflow and back up procedure will insure access to your photographs for the future.

What are some creative ways to display my photographs?
Create beautiful memories using digital scrapbooking skills for personal stationery,notecards and album pages. You may have started as a traditional scrapper and want to expand your skills as a digi-scrapper. Learn page layout techniques to make brochures, flyers and catalogues.

Check my calendar for regularly scheduled Adobe Photoshop and Camera Classes in the Dallas, DFW Metroplex area. As part of the learning center, you will experience a wide range of topics revolving around photography as an art and as a business. All age and experience levels will find a place here. This technology is constantly evolving as we discover new information every day. I learn a great deal as a result of the interaction with my students and I try to keep pricing affordable for a long term relationship.


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